Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Year of "A Beautiful Day"

My journey with Silverlight started about 1 year before I started this blog. My first "Professional Program" was in Silverlight and after that I went deep into other parts of web development forgetting Silverlight for a while. With Silverlight 2 beta, I again started looking at Silverlight and I started "Loving it".

In the Journey I have meet many people smarter than I and tried to learn from them. I meet many people who has become my good friends.

What I always lacking was "Design mind set". When I meet Ramya I found she got the exact part that I am missing to make a good application. You already have seen her making a simple but elegant animation example.

Here are some statistics of the blog through one year... (I use Google analytics for this blog)

Thanks all for encouraging to continue this blog and I hope we will enjoy the future journey with Silerlight even more...

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Ramya said...

Great going tanmoy!!!