Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Hard Is It To Get Somebody Install Silverlight

Let me share a small conversation to my friend Melissa that just Happened. She is 100% non technical (Never heard of Silverlight) and just bought a new PC. Here is how I convince her to install Silverlight to her PC......

tanmoy says: hey
tanmoy says: did u install silverlight in ur computer
melissa says: ?
melissa says: no
tanmoy says: then do it.
tanmoy says: i m giving u the link
tanmoy says: http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/
tanmoy says: it will ask u to install it
melissa says: I'm not downloading it
tanmoy says: y not. its from Microsoft so u can be sure its safe
melissa says: I don't need it
tanmoy says: u need it
melissa says: Why do I need it
tanmoy says: there are lots of site using silverlight
melissa says: So
tanmoy says: so if u install it u can see those sites, play games
tanmoy says: listen to music ,watch videos and all
melissa says: I can do all of that without it
tanmoy says: but its something I am working on
melissa says: Yeah
melissa says: Then its not that good to have lol
tanmoy says: yes it is
melissa says: No it's not lol
tanmoy says: why dont u do it....
melissa says: Why should I do it
tanmoy says: cause it only take 1 min to be done
melissa says: I just don't want ten million of things downloaded on this computer
tanmoy says: and it doesnt slow down ur comp
tanmoy says: its not that
tanmoy says: its very small thing. around 4 MB only
melissa says: k
melissa says: lol
melissa says: Fine ill do it

So now I do understand why people says might be as much as 40% of uses go away from a site that needs Silverlight without installing it.

BTW according to RIA Statistics Silverlight has gained around 30% of user base already. Impressive ha !

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