Friday, July 18, 2008

My Experience with Silverlight

I have started my programming life with Silverlight. So it might be that I see it from a different view than some others already been in animation and programming.
        The thrill that has been with it was its limited spread at that time. So there were hardly any people whom you can ask for help. The online rapid growing comunity has been a great comfort and still is. Some people really did excellent things that keep on impressing me.
        The first task was a presentation kind of thing to be done with Silverlight 1.0. The animations and design are done by Pallavi and I know only little about designing.
        As I am going through it and trying to explore more of it there are so many things to learn. After a bit break with Silverlight after 1.0 I am now back and working with Silverlight.

        I am not a writer and so I better stop now. I will try to keep on posting here some tips and tricks and workarounds that might help you save the time I have wasted to learn them.

Thanks all for visiting my blog. I will try to keep it alive.

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