Friday, July 18, 2008

Experimenting with DeepZoom

A new feature in silverlight is DeepZoom. Its extreamly popular in the Silverlight community and looks kool. I never touched it before. Today I installed DeepZoom Composer and started building "Something". It was easier than I thought. I used 50 images (Hi-resolution upto 7432 X 4168 ). All collected from wikipedia featured pictures to avoid licencing issues. I shaped it over like a G. It goes well. But I was trying to make something like DeepZoomObama. Last I saw the blog that describes Making of DeepZoomObama project. All that is need to make a mosaic with lots of images. I collected more (more than 350) Images from wikipedia and started building it. It took only around 2 to 3 hours to build this.

The software that used for this is andreamosaic and Silverlight Deep Zoom composer. Two softwares are extremely easy to use.

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